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How to beat the winter blues...

Updated: Feb 8

Like most people (particularly in the UK) the weather can have such an impact on our mood, this past year I have noticed more than ever my productivity and motivation taking a real turn when the sky is grey and miserable. I wouldn’t say I experience full seasonal affective disorder (SAD) however, I have definitely noticed the weather play a part in my levels of motivation on each day. Here are a few steps I am taking to beat the winter blues and to help me feel more motivated on days when the weather is dull and miserable.

Vitamin D supplements

I have always been into taking my vitamins and supplements but as I noticed the lack of vitamin D I must not be getting from the sunlight I thought I should increase my intake by taking it in supplement form.

Making plans and things to look forward to that are not weather dependant

Go out for dinner, meet up with some friends, go to the cinema. Carve out some fun time and have things to look forward to each week. Post-Christmas can always feel a bit gloomy as all the fun and festivities seem to be over but that doesn’t have to be the case, I always try to plan a lot during January and February with my loved ones as it can always feel like a miserable couple of months after the excitement of Christmas.

Getting back into the gym & a change of mindset

Some form of exercise is usually always on many people’s new year’s resolutions or goals and this year mine was no different. I took a break from working out the past few months and my energy levels really dropped. Since returning to the gym and exercising a little bit each day I have noticed my energy levels increase and I feel so much better within myself. I also found a gym and exercises I enjoy doing and look forward to, as for me working out used to be something I often dreaded and found to be a chore. I’ve really tried to change my mindset on it this year and so far, so good!

Allowing myself time to rest

I’m aware that I’m not going to feel motivated and full of energy every single day so when I am having days where I am feeling tired, I am just allowing myself to feel that way and getting my tasks done for that day but then carving out time over lunch or in the evening where I can just rest and do something I enjoy such as watching tv or reading magazines. That being said, on days where I do have more energy or motivation I'm trying that little bit harder to get extra tasks done so I have some free time for rest if I do feel tired or a reduction in my energy.

Having a ‘me’ day

Following on from allowing myself time to rest, I had a few days prior to returning to my doctorate and studies where I left completely free. I blocked out my calendar and took some proper days off. I even booked myself a massage and pedicure and spent the rest of the day watching TV and reading magazines and it was one of the best days as this is such a rare thing for me to do and it felt like such a luxury. It was the epitome of self-care days and something I realised I need to do more of, as for the rest of the week I felt fired up and full of energy and motivation.

Reading motivating books

Another thing on my new year’s goals is to read more for leisure as opposed to for my studies or for work. I made a pretty large amazon order of some motivating ‘self-help’ style books mainly about mindset and have been enjoying getting stuck into them so far.

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