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Luxe Psychology Practice was founded by HCPC Registered Counselling Psychologist Dr. Jade Thomas.

Dr. Jade has vast experience of delivering high quality, gold standard therapeutic services to a wide range of client groups including children, adolescents, adults and couples, working collaboratively to help client's achieve their individual therapeutic goals. Jade has experience both in private practice and within the NHS.

Jade has completed her Counselling Psychology Doctorate (PsychD) and has trained and studied Psychology and mental health for over 10 years, making her an expert in the field.

She is also a registered Psychotherapist with British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS). Dr. Jade is passionate about ensuring that clients receive top level mental health care from qualified experts who are registered with well-recognised governing bodies such as HCPC and BACP. 

Jade was trained at one of the top London Private Clinic's and was supervised during her training by top Harley Street psychologists and psychotherapists. Over the years Jade has worked with a variety of presentations such as Depression, Low Mood, Anxiety, Relationships, Interpersonal Difficulties, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Trauma. During her Doctorate, Jade also previously worked for the Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Foundation delivering cancer-specific tailored psychotherapy to patients in different stages of diagnosis and treatment.


By aged 24, Jade became a University Lecturer in Psychology, Counselling & Mental health and by aged 25 Jade became a published author and published researcher in Psychology. Dr. Jade also specialises in celebrity psychology and has experience of working with high profile clients in the public eye. 


Dr. Jade often provides media expert commentary to national and international press on issues pertaining to mental health, psychology, and celebrity behaviour. Click here to find out more about the media expert work we offer and how to book Dr. Jade to speak or provide expert comments. 

What makes Luxe Psychology Practice different?


"At Luxe Psychology Practice we recognise that times have changed therefore approaches to mental health treatment also need to be modernised. The client experience is our top priority and we want you to have a mental health treatment experience you are proud of. We provide all clients with psycho-educational resource packs at the start of treatment and throughout treatment so they can continue the work outside of sessions, to see faster improvements"


"At Luxe we are on a mission to upgrade and update mental health care" 

- Dr. Jade Thomas  

Founder & Clinical Director

At Luxe Psychology Practice we maintain high quality standards and adhere to ethical guidelines from reputable governing bodies to ensure safety and protection of all clients

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The British Psychological Society (BPS) logo
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British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) logo certifying that the practitioner meets professional standards authority and are part of the BACP accredited register


Anonymous - Current Client

I formed a strong relationship with Jade very quickly, which has continued to grow over time, to the point that I trust her implicitly and feel able to tell her anything and everything. I feel incredibly heard in our sessions, and she provides the perfect balance of listening to me, and using questions to help me develop further understanding of issues on my own. 
Although our sessions cover dark and difficult topics, she helps me to see light within them and we are able to laugh and have fun as part of the process.
Jade is brilliant at making links between the things I talk about currently, and things I’d told her months ago. This helps things make more sense, and also frequently highlights my progress. She never makes me feel like a problem is too big, or too small. Jade frequently sends me very useful resources that help me to continue the work we do together between sessions.
I can see clearly that I am a far better version of myself since starting sessions with Jade.



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