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How to motivate yourself to study, when you don't feel like it

Updated: Feb 8

As a student, sometimes half the battle is motivation; trying to find the motivation to start or complete an assignment or study for an exam. I have found myself googling countless times 'how to motivate myself to study' so I thought I would compile together what I found and put my tips into one blog post for you.

1. Set yourself small goals

Don't set yourself up to fail with high expectations of completing a whole assignment in one hour or understanding and remembering an entire topic in 20 minutes. Set yourself small goals and tasks to tick off, because by ticking and achieving these small tasks will surprisingly motivate you and make yourself feel good. Doing a little bit of work or studying is better than nothing at all!

2. Change it up!

Maybe its time to change things up, change your environment where you study, use different colourful pens or draw pictures and mind maps rather than writing continuous notes. I often find by changing my environment can really change my mood towards studying, find a spot in front of a window or even study outside if you can, this will help to elevate your mood and make the idea of studying less drab.

3. Create a routine or to-do list

Often so much time is wasted at the beginning of studying by deciding where to start or what you want to achieve in that study time. Create a routine, check list or timetable so that when you do sit down to study you know exactly where to start and what you need to focus on that day.

4. Remind yourself of the end goal

Why are you studying? To get good grades right?

Remind yourself that, often when studying the process is long and the end reward seems far away, therefore, we often forget our reason for doing it. Humans are motivated through rewards, therefore, remember the rewards you will get from your end goal of getting good grades or getting your degree!

5. Take regular breaks

Use a timer if you need to, but taking regular small breaks is crucial to stay productive. Motivate yourself with something enjoyable in your break like watching an episode of a tv show, listening to music, going for a walk or eating your favourite snacks. Make sure you time your breaks too so you don't end up having long breaks and struggling to go back to your studies. I would advise taking 20-30 min breaks, but this can depend on how you work best.

6. Finally, have snacks whilst you study!

I remember during my GCSE's and A Levels my mum would buy me packets of my favourite sweets to have whilst I was studying for my exams. It just made it a little bit more fun and kept my energy levels up! Have your favourite snacks on stand by for your study sessions.

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