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Sundays habits of successful people

Updated: Feb 8

I began looking into ways to overcome the dreaded Sunday or weekend blues as I’m a firm believer into not just ‘living for the weekend’ and from that I stumbled upon habits of successful people. This inspired me and got me thinking about habits successful people do to start of their week well. I have compiled them into a list, so together we can start the weeks off successfully.

1. Map out your week

This is something I do particularly if I start getting the ‘Sunday scaries’, where I begin to feel overwhelmed by tasks I have to get done the following week. This also helps Monday to not seem as daunting as you can spread the less important or imminent tasks out across the week.

2. Prep meals and outfits

Another way to start your week off feeling really organised. I also am a lover of planning outfits ahead of time as this is something I enjoy doing being a fashion lover at heart, so carving out some time over the weekend to plan outfits is both productive and fun. If you are still working from home or perhaps have a uniform for work so don’t need to ‘plan’ your outfits as such, you can plan your meals for the week, this will help to stick to healthy eating during the week and also can cut costs of lunches out.

3. Tidy your space

Something about tidying and cleaning on a Sunday just feels wholesome to me. I like to start the week off with a clean space because I know during the week as I get busier I am less likely to keep on top of putting stuff away so by doing a re-set of my space allows me to think clearer and have a more positive start to the week.

4. Set weekly goals

I am the type of person who needs to write things down and keep reviewing them otherwise I forget so having a few goals for the week helps me to keep on top of things. Usually my weekly goals are nothing major or ground-breaking, often they are ‘stepping stone’ goals such as finishing off a particular piece of work or getting started on a new task that I have possibly been putting off.

5. Rest.

Something I need to prioritize more this year and something I have been trying to take more time for. Rest is often something we link to be ‘unproductive’ or ‘lazy’ as we live in a world of ‘24/7 productivity’ and ‘if you are resting you are wasting time’. But actually, I have come to realise without rest we cannot perform well or to the highest of our ability so rest is just as, if not more important than being productive. Rest is productive to your mind and body.

6. Read something inspiring

This is something I have neglected up until this year, as I have so much reading to do for my doctorate and my work, I often neglect reading for pleasure. By reading something inspiring prior to the start of the week kicks your positive mindset into gear and gives you that Monday motivation.

7. Get ahead if you feel like it

It’s still the weekend but if getting ahead on some emails will make you less anxious on Monday morning then spend 15 minutes on Sunday responding to some emails but be mindful to not get caught up in work tasks, be strict with how much time you give this). I often check my emails Sunday morning just to make sure there is nothing that needs actioning prior to Monday morning, this also helps to reduce any Monday overwhelm. However, if you'e enjoying your unplugged weekend keep it that way!

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