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Studying & Socialising; a balancing act

Updated: Feb 8

Top tips for balancing studying and socialising at university.

University life can be a lot, there seems to be so many opportunities, events and fun things to get involved with, but at the same time you have a degree to complete. Is it possible to do both? Yes, but it takes some effort to balance both in order to still meet academic requirements and get the grades you want, particularly as you approach your final semesters. Here are some top tips to balance your academic work and social life at university.

1. Make a weekly priority list

This can be a combination of both academic priorities and social priorities and then see if its possible and time efficient to complete them all. If not, it might be worth revisiting your social priorities and either rescheduling them or limiting them as your grades will most likely take top priority.

2. Create a study timetable

Once you create a study routine it becomes easier to stick to it, so figure out how much time each piece of work will take on daily or weekly basis. From this you will then be able to figure out how much extra time or free time you have for social plans.

*The key to balancing both social and study is time management.

3. Remember you can say no

It's okay to miss out on social events if you have a deadline or exam approaching and often this can be necessary. Get comfortable with declining and saying no to things, also once you get comfortable with this, your friends might also do the same.

4. Remember you can't get time back.

My mum always used to say this to me (and still does) when I would find my social calendar overspilling into my study time. You can't get time back that you might need to study for that exam or to write that essay and unfortunately deadlines come around quickly. Plus there are always alternative social plans or events so choose how to spend your valuable time wisely.

5. Create or find a good study space.

This might be in the comfort of your own home or room or in the library, but find a study space that you can go to when you need to use your time to study. Make the space as comfortable as possible so you enjoy sitting there to study. Check out my blog post Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind to create the perfect study set up.

6. Combine the two.

Some students find studying with friends motivating and helpful, so create study groups or set out times to study together. It can also be helpful to bounce ideas off one another and ask each other questions about the material.

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