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Preparing to start University...

Updated: Feb 8

Starting University can be daunting and anxiety provoking, it's a new environment with new people and it can really give you the 'new kid at school' feeling. However, although it can be nerve wracking it can also be very exciting as it's a new chapter in your life with new opportunities. In this blog post I have compiled together my top tips to prepare yourself for starting university and minimise any anxieties you might have.

1. Preparation is key!

Familiarise yourself with your new university (if you haven't already go and visit the Uni before you actually start, I did this before starting my undergraduate and my post graduate and it really minimises first day anxiety as you already have an understanding of where things are).

2. Try to find your flatmates or course mates on social media.

I didn't do this for my postgraduate but I did for my undergraduate and it does relieve any anxieties around making friends and not knowing anybody. Most universities create social media chats and groups so you can all introduce yourselves before your first day.

3. Make a list of things you need to take.

This can start with the essentials such as kitchen utensils and then more personal items such as photographs of family and friends and other home comforts to make your accommodation feel more homely. You can also look online and watch YouTube videos to see what items other people find helpful to take. Things like a first aid kit with medication is also really important.

4. Organise your travel.

Make sure to sort out if you need a railcard/ bus card or even a parking permit and if you can make sure to organise this beforehand as this can avoid any stress when you arrive. Students also benefit from discounted travel so make sure to look into that before starting.

5. Get Reading.

Check if you have any prep reading or books you need to buy beforehand. This is something I wasn't aware of when I started my undergraduate and I wish I knew ahead of time so I could familiarise myself with my course ahead of starting.

6. Check if you need any vaccinations before starting University.

As you will be mingling with lots of new people you need to make sure you keep your health a priority. Obviously in the current climate you could benefit from having the Covid vaccination but also check with your GP if you require any other vaccinations such as the meningitis vaccination (when I started University this was actually a requirement for all students). The flu vaccination may also help fight off freshers flu (and trust me freshers flu is a real thing, I caught it every year in September!) For females as well the cervical cancer vaccination is also very important.

7. Enrol in the local GP.

Many universities have a GP on campus or locally to the university so make sure you enrol in the GP surgery prior to starting University, as during your time at university you will most likely need the GP at some point.

8. Learn some basic cooking skills.

It's safe to say this is something I didn't do however, looking back I wish I had used the opportunity of living on my own for the first time to learn to cook. Unfortunately you can't live off cereal and beans on toast.

Although starting university can seem daunting its also a very exciting time, try to enjoy the whole process and remember everyone is most likely a little nervous and excited too! Also why not buy some Psychology merchandise to take with you to your new university?

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