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How to own the Zoom!

Updated: Feb 8

Due to the Global Pandemic the phrases "Zoom" "you're on mute" and "what's the meeting password" have become part of our everyday vocabulary. Companies, schools and Universities have all had to make the transition to video calls and for some individuals this can still be a very daunting concept. We are still unsure whether Zoom will be our regular way of working in years to come, but for some companies the idea of working remotely may shift and become more common than before.

My Top Tips for Zooming with confidence & Zoom Etiquette:

1. Set Boundaries

If you are the meeting host set boundaries

before you begin the meeting, such as everyone on mute when they aren't speaking to avoid background interference which can become distracting, set your expectations for cameras on or off and if the meeting is over 30 minutes schedule a short comfort break for people to grab a drink or pop to the loo.

2. Learn your way around the Zoom

It still surprises me that after a year of Zoom calls during the Pandemic some people still can't figure out how to turn their mute off when they are speaking during a meeting, which of course leads to the well known comments "we can't hear you" or "you're on mute".

If you have an important presentation or meeting coming up make sure you are familiar with the way Zoom works, maybe practice it with a friend beforehand and make sure you know how to successfully mute and unmute yourself.

3. Check your internet connection

We've all been there... the dreaded freeze!

Although this one can be difficult at times to avoid, prior to an important meeting online make sure your internet connection is stable enough to hold the call, this might mean you need to sit closer to the internet router in your house.

Top Tip: If your internet connection is playing up during a zoom call, try turning your camera off. This should help the connection remain more stable and then at least others can still hear you clearly.

4. When its your turn to speak

When its your turn to speak or you wish to add a point to the meeting, before taking yourself off mute take a deep breathe. This can help you to project your voice further rather than mumbling which in turn can help you to appear more confident in what you are saying.

5. Stay Proffesional

Although you are at home when attending a Zoom meeting its important to still provide the element of professionalism. Although some days it may seem appealing to turn up on a Zoom call in your Pj's it doesn't come across as professional and this can impact the value in what you bring to the meeting.

Make sure your appearance is the same as it would be if you were attending the meeting in person and avoid taking the call in bed or relaxing on the sofa.

(It is of course acceptable to wear your slippers during a Zoom call though!)

6. Timing

Although you may be taking the Zoom call at home so there is no need to travel, it is still important to arrive to the meeting on time. Again this adds to the element of professionalism and unfortunately you can't use 'travel delays' as an excuse.

Make sure to log into the meeting 3-5 minutes beforehand so you can check for any connection issues and to also avoid you appearing flustered when the meeting starts.

7. Its all about the Angles

Another one that still surprises me after a year of Zooming! It can be really distracting for others on the call if all they can see from you is a forehead or a dark shadow.

Make sure to sit in front or close to a window rather than a window behind you as this can cause back lighting which then appears as a dark shadow on the screen. If you are unable to position yourself in front of a window make sure to get yourself some good lighting and position the camera appropriately where you can see your full face and top of your body as if you were sitting in front of someone at a desk.

8. Try other Platforms!

We are now living in a world where technology is widely used for work and study purposes, so try out other platforms to hold meetings and video calls and use all the tips provided above on all platforms you work on.


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